Sunday, December 20, 2009

A contrail and a cut through the clouds

I've never seen a UFO. However, recently I saw something a bit odd. Actually, I saw the same phenomena twice in one week. I have no idea what caused it - there doesn't seem to be an obvious explanation. I wish I had a camera with me at the time [NOTE: the attached picture is simply a photo of contrails I found on the internet]. Perhaps I'll get another opportunity to take a picture. The following is a summary of what I saw during both occasions.

I saw a well defined contrail of a jet that made a straight line across the sky. I did not see the jet which created this contrail. Near the contrail was a cloud. The contrail did NOT intersect or touch the cloud. The cloud had a clear "cut" directly through it - the cut was aligned parallel to the contrail of the jet. The "cut" was perfectly straight, not very wide, and through it you could see blue sky. As I watched this cut for the next 3 or 4 minutes, it slowly dissipated - and was filled in by the surrounding cloud (via wind and natural motion of the air). The contrail of the jet remained in the sky, but appeared to be moving/dissipating at the same rate as the cloud. I do not see how the cut in the cloud could have possibly been formed by the jet. Like I said, the contrail did not intersect the cloud, and the breeze was shifting the contrail and the cloud at the same rate.

Has anyone seen a similar phenomena? I have no idea what caused it - but it reminds me of a few witness accounts of the O'Hare Airport UFO sighting in 2006. Witnesses claimed to see a UFO hovering above the airport - after a few minutes, the UFO sped up through the cloud layer and left a gaping hole. The hole then closed within a few minutes.

Maybe this is nothing at all. I just wanted to put it out there.

Information regarding the O'Hare Airport sighting:


  1. Thanks for sharing this. I've been thinking about how something could travel as fast as some UFOs are stated to travel without creating a sonic boom and my guess would be that air is somehow forcefully transferred by the object from one side (at the speed it is travelling) to the other side so as to not create any air pressure or vacuum at either side of the object (that is, it moves the air instead of causing the air to move around it). As such, it would make sense that such a process would disturb or not recreate the water vapor in clouds. (I've never heard of clouds being disturbed in such a manner before now.)

    Similarly, I've read the book "Reading the Enemy's Mind: Inside StarGate, America's Psychic Espionage Program" by Paul H. Smith (which is about remote viewing), and in it the author retells a story of a friend (Captain Kent Johnson) who was in a helicopter with an army pilot during the first Gulf War, and they were flying at 500 feet and watching a shadow that was about 200 yards wide, appeared oval in shape, and travelling at about 1,000 miles an hour, but neither one could see the source of the shadow. After a little while the shadow travelled out of sight, then about 10 minutes later they saw it coming back from where it went perhaps along the exact same course so they attempted to intercept it and it instantly came to a dead stop. They continued approaching it and then it continued again at high speed as they neared it.

    The fact that the object couldn't be seen seems to indicate that it has the ability to cloak itself (and he mentioned that the shadow had "sharp, well-defined edges" - which seems to indicate that it wasn't far enough from the ground to cause the shadow to have blurry edges), but that cloaking seems to have a limit of not being able to reproduce or transfer sunlight through the object - so a shadow was cast on the ground.

  2. Eupetic what you stated was most likely one of the "meta-materials" that people say was discovered at the Rosswell site. It's a type of material that makes things look invisible by bending light in a certain direction.