Monday, December 14, 2009

A National Enquirer Conspiracy?

Think about this for a moment - think of the only "news" agency out there which actually covers ufo's? Give up? The National Enquirer, and other tabloids. IF the whole ufo thing is true, and some ufo's are indeed spacecraft from another world - a perfect way to encourage people to reject them would be to associate ufo's with other crazy, ridiculous, paranormal type stuff. If they report on ufo's along with BATBOY, dirty stories about celebrities and trash subjects - wouldn't it be easier to dismiss the whole thing?

So is it a coincidence that the National Enquirer was purchased by Gene Pope in the 1950's? Gene Pope worked for the CIA's psychological warfare division... but ended that job for some unknown reason when he was 25. And somehow had loads of cash to purchase the New York Enquirer, and redistribute it as the National Enquirer.

A conspiracy theory for sure - but a very interesting one.,_Jr.

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