Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Logical Explanation for UFOs

Which of the following two scenarios do you think is more likely?

Scenario 1.

A) Alien space craft do not exist - the millions of people that think ET craft are real are delusional.

B) The government is telling the truth about UFOs - they have no evidence whatsoever of ET visitors.

C) The real UFOs people see are all top-secret government craft that do not make any sound, disappear and reappear. The government has been able to make these craft since at least WWII. The government has an enormous number of these craft and fly them throughout the world every day which explains why they are seen globally.

D) The thousands and thousands of people that claim they were abducted are all delusional. The combined 56 years of research and evaluation of nearly 1,000 abductees by Dr. David M. Jacobs at Temple University and Dr. John E. Mack, a Pulitzer Prize winner and Professor of Psychiatry at the Harvard Medical School is incorrect. The identical drawings of these creatures (which do not match the Hollywood proto-types) and the identical stories and procedures associated with the abductions is simply a coincidence. Instead of being abducted, these people are experiencing sleep paralysis. In the frequent occurrence where abductions occur during the day (while driving a car or otherwise), and when multiple people are abducted at the same time - these people are simply delusional and are making up stories. The similar physical marks on their skin (scoop marks, etc) are self-inflicted somehow, and are doing it just to make their story more believable. The Sightings of UFO's by neighbors associated with abduction events are simply a combination of C and D.

E) Cattle mutilations are done by a satanic cult that travels the world. These people take cows in the middle of the night, somehow drain the blood from them completely, then make precise cuts on the cattle bodies - surgically removing many pieces, sometimes even the heart, from very small holes in animals body. The cult then drops the cattle from a high elevation from a helicopter or something similar without making a sound. This explains why there are no foot prints around the cattle, the impact crater, and the cattle's broken bones. The instances where farmers report seeing strange lights or craft in the area (without sound) during the night of the mutilation is simply the Cult's silent helicopters or a combination of C and E.

F) ALL high level military and government workers that have come forward with 'evidence' about government's UFO coverup are lying.

G) All commercial airline pilots that report seeing football field sized craft, flying disks, and large cigar shaped objects are out of their mind. The fact that none of these pilots were fired following these sightings is a crime because it is clear they are not mentally fit to fly a commercial aircraft with hundreds of people on board.

H) The astronauts which have come forward with information regarding the existence of aliens are lying and cannot be trusted.

I) The Norway Spiral and all other unexplained phenomena are the result of the incredible combination of alignment, timing, and circumstances involving the sun, jets, missiles, swamp gas, weather balloons, and the like. These phenomena can not be reproduced, and have never been seen before, because of the highly unlikely circumstances and variables that were in place at the time of each of the events.


Scenario 2.

A) Some UFO's are actually spacecraft from another world AND a sector of our government is hiding this from us. We do not know HOW they travelled across the universe, but they did. They, for some reason, do not want to announce their presence here themselves for reasons we may not know or understand. We do not know the reasons behind the aliens actions on earth, but a small sector of our government might.

Which scenario is more logical?


  1. Scenario 1 is far more logical. Only you can't see that. I would go on and write a whole essay on why you are so obviously mistaken/ignorant, but I really don't see the point as you seem so stuck in you own little make believe world of fairy tales. I lend you this advice:
    1. Take an astronomy class to find out why these events are impossible in the first place.
    2. Do some actual research into these absurd and nothing short of deluded claims that you are making. Do even think about what you are saying? Why the hell would the aliens have anything to do with the government?? Why would they fly for millions of years, miraculously finding us, only to appear to some dumbshit in the USA.

    I am as excited by the thought of actually meeting extraterrestrial beings as you are. The things we could learn! Aliens smart enough to make such an impossible journey would not simply fly off. And no offence, but you must be an idiot to think that the government has contact or knowledge of actual UFOs. I'm not even old enough to buy alcohol and even I can see that you have been completely mislead. Please, just use your time more constructively, there is way too much evidence against what you are saying, and none that has actually been verified that goes with you.

  2. Anon - "It can't be; therefore it isn't." Right? I appreciate your comment and don't blame you for your skepticism. I was the same way for most of my life. The fact you are here on this blog, and reading what I have to say is good enough for me.

    However, regarding your statement of "Aliens smart enough to make such an impossible journey would not simply fly off." I agree with you. I never said they "flew off". And there is an overwhelming amount of evidence supporting what I have said - you just haven't looked into it.

    Regarding the US government and most governments around the world - in general, I believe they employ some of the smartest and most capable people in the world. But don't think for one second that they aren't hiding things from the public. One plausible reason why they are not coming forward with information on UFOs is that they think it is for the greater good. Perhaps they are right.

  3. Anon you basically said take an astronomy class and find that the events are impossible? Wouldn't you have learned that in a universe as large as our own would have close to more than 6 billion inhabitable planets? And wouldn't logic dictate that even if a tiny fragment of those had intelligent life that at some point they would acquire some form of technology capable of transvering the cosmos to try and locate other life forms?

    Sure we are speculating that UFOs have been visiting us but it's not completely illogical. It is illogical to me that in a universe as big as our own that we are the only intelligent species that has some form of "advanced" technology. As far as I'm concerned logic would dictate that there are countless other civilizations out there, but we don't know because we are stuck in the scope of our own solar system.

    Also you are assuming it takes these beings millions of years to get here? For all we know it could take them seconds,minutes, hours, etc. to get from one spot to another if they were to use wormholes of any kind, because wormholes connect two points in spacetime (meaning they could be traveling forward/backward in time)

    As far as alien contact, that I have to agree is somewhat murky waters. If aliens would be in contact with our government it could be for countless reasons, there are so many Top Secret/Above Top Secret things that any given government may withold from the general public. The governments of any given country if they had alien contact would keep it mum, because it would cause panic, confussion, and countless other emotions through out our the human race.

    And you can't really tell people they have deluded claims when there are so many people that have seen, experienced, even come up with workable theories and such proving that aliens could and probably do exist. In closing I would like to say that the sheer size of this universe proves that we CANNOT be the exception to intelligent life, nor should we be the most advanced out of all the countless life there probably is out there.

  4. I couldnt help but comment to say : A is the most probable plausible and believable theory..sorry it is not a theory, it is a fact, thousands of witnesses from all over the glove reported so..unless they all orchestrated the HUGEST BIGEEST MEDIA PRANK universally...and at the LONGEST ONE for that matter, as people reported seeing GODS and/or aliens since the beginning of HUMANITY...wowwwww, who can top that PRANK ?? lol of course it is A...

  5. I completely agree with Scenario number 1. The first Anonymous, you are pretty ignorant/mistaken when you begin talking about something that you have no idea about. Constructive criticism is ok but blatant stuff like that is just plain wrong. Let's look at your points.

    Point 1:

    Take an astronomy class, ok that's a laugh. The Hubble Telescope did a survey of a patch of empty sky and showed that there were thousands upon thousands of galaxies. And that's only one patch of sky, now imagine broadening that to the entire expandable universe. As Fox stated there are billions of galaxies, and logic concludes that at some point in those billions of galaxies there would be some form of intelligence. Also when we look in the sky we are looking into the past, it takes a very long time for light to reach us, so some of the distant stars might have died or whatever. So for all we know evolution took place on distant stars died and then they spread out amongst the stars looking for new places to live. Isn't that what we would do if we ever fully exhausted this planet's natural resources?

    Point 2: If you actually do research into anything about extraterrestial theory there are many people that research this sort of thing. Such as Dr. Michio Kaku, who is a theoretical physicist and co-founder of the string field theory. He states that as a species we are a Type 0 civilization, because we have yet to use our planet's resources we only use fossil fuels. Also not all the claims that people make are bogus, it's literally IMPOSSIBLE for hundreds of thousands of people to witness similar things. As xtraman has stated ever since recorded history have humans seen such extraordinary things that they can't explain.

    Also point about the government and referring to time:

    As I said previously as we look into space from our point of view many of the distant places we see, their light, shows what they looked like in the "past". We don't fully understand the universe around us and I'm 100% positive it is possible to travel the very long distances of light years to other planets through ways we have not yet found. They could have been visiting us for thousands of years but since we are a relatively new galaxy compared to the others in the universe, it gives ample time for intelligent civilaztions to have risen or fallen, and definetely enough time for them to discover inter galactical travel.

    Now if they had been in contact with the governments, whether it be by accident or not, then it would be wise to keep it on the hush. This is because aliens introduced into human life might be disastorous... for these reasons...

    A. They might carry extraterrestial viruses, bacteria, etc. that might kill us.

    B. Tech introduced might advance us faster then we were naturally going to obtain.

    C. It would cause mass panic.

    If they were to contact one of the governments it would be one of the world powers, such as one of the Allied Forces. But yeah I figure there probably is intelligent life out there, defintely more advanced than us. But it's not certain that we have had actual contact with them or not (as far as governments.)

  6. I meant to say I completely agree with scenario 2 XD