Saturday, December 12, 2009

"It can't be; therefore it isn't"

The subject of UFO's is ridiculous. Bring UFOs up with a good friend, and see how long it takes for them to insert a "little green men" or "anal probing" joke. Personally, I don't blame them. I didn't take UFOs seriously for 28 years. It wasn't until the Stephenville, Texas "Lights" incident in January 2008 that it truly captured my attention. Despite its name, there was a substantial amount of evidence in addition to just "lights" in the Stephenville incident:

- There was witness testimony from over 50 people including policemen, pilots, and respected people in the society

- Witnesses saw an actual craft, not just lights

- Radar data indicated something very, very large was moving slow (20 mph) but sped up to over 1,000 mph in an instant.

So I was hooked. What the hell WAS that thing? It WAS something, wasn't it?

My perception of UFOs has evolved over time: At the beginning I thought UFO's were all misidentified natural phenomena (meterological phenomena, strange lighting effects from jets, etc)... Then I began to think some UFO's were high-tech, top-secret government projects... Now I truly believe that some UFO's are visitors from another planet.

After two years of reading books on the topic, watching documentaries and engaging in debates, logic has forced me into the embarrassing position that I think extra terrestrials are visiting earth in space ships.

There is plenty of evidence. This includes millions of witnesses worldwide, physical evidence, photographs, videos, corroborative radar data, and testimony from hundreds of high level military and government establishments. We have every possible type of evidence in our hands except the UFO's themselves. We have far more evidence then what would be needed to win a case in court.

So, why do most people think intelligently controlled UFOs cannot exist?

A vast majority of people in the US think that life exists elsewhere in the universe. But why is it so hard to believe they have visited earth by now? Here's a rundown of the most common responses I've heard from skeptics.

"The earth is much too far away from any other solar system for travel between them to be possible."

Ok - You're right. If we ASSUME that ET's are traveling here with our means of transportation (car, truck, rocket, sailboat), then sure - traveling that distance would be impossible. If you were able to ask a similar skeptic 500 years ago whether they thought a human could journey across the Pacific Ocean in just a matter of hours, I think you would get a similar response.

What I don't think people understand is we don't need to explain HOW ET's got here - we just need to determine IF they are here. One hundred years ago the Wright Brothers built the first plane out of wood and cloth. 100 years ago! Just imagine what we could be capable of 100 years from now.

The second response I get is something like this:

"Well if aliens are here, why don't they just land their UFO, jump out and say - HERE WE ARE!"

This statement assumes they want us to know they are here. But, what if they do not want to announce their presence for reasons we may not know or understand? There have been times when western researchers have stumbled upon remote tribes that have had zero contact with the outside world. Did these researchers land their helicopters, whip out their iPhones and show the tribe their new App? I don't think so. Instead, its rather logical for these western researchers to have little IF ANY contact with this remote tribe in an attempt to preserve their culture, traditions, and way of life. However, what if the western researchers determined the collective actions of the tribe were leading to its own destruction? Would the western researchers interfere then? I have no idea, but it's interesting to think about.

[side note: here is an interesting clip on uncontacted tribes, lots of great parallels here: ]

What I have concluded, is that the only thing that makes us think the existence of UFOs is ridiculous is that our government says they do not exist AND there has been a enormous effort to hide this from the public.

So ask yourself - what would it take for you to believe UFOs existed? Would you have to see one, yourself? Would that even be enough? It's easy to see how little traction this subject gets with the public, because far more people never see UFOs than do. But if 99% of the population has never seen a UFO, does that mean they do not exist? I've never seen Moscow - but I know it exists.

Also ask yourself this - if UFOs were real, and you were the only person at the top whose decision it was to inform the public or not - would you tell the world the truth? Honestly, I'm not sure I would. Would it cause a mass hysteria? We've got enough problems as it is.

How could the government come forward with this information? What would they say? "We have an important announcement for the citizens of the US, and the world. Aliens exist, and have made contact. We do not quite know WHY they are here, WHAT they are doing, or any of their motives. We DO know that they are flying their spaceships all around the world and there is nothing we can do to stop them."

When I say the government is keeping this information a secret - I do not mean the government, as a whole. I am referring to a small sector of government that is top secret, and is keeping everyone else in the dark. Including the President.

All I know is that the more you look into the UFO phenomena, the more difficult it is to ignore the evidence. The purpose of this blog is to share what I think is the best collection of evidence available, and to argue that the existence of UFOs is far from ridiculous - in fact, it is logical.

Thanks for reading - and please share your thoughts and comments!


  1. I didn't read the entire post, but my own theory of why they aliens wouldn't just pop out and say hi is because they would have to adhere to some sort of rule with making contact. This theory extends from many video games I have played about space. One of the more prominent ones would be Star Ocean, where our civilization has spread amongst the stars and each planet with habitable life was classified by their technology level. So a planet with no technology or medieval would be considered underdeveloped or lower class planet. The reason aliens wouldn't just pop out would be that any technology gained from these beings would pretty much advance us way faster than we would have naturally. This could be either good or bad, depending on what we use this new technology for. Hell maybe the aliens even think we are too dangerous because look what we have done to our own planet, we have nearly exhausted our fossil fuels, and have made many animals and species extinct. I hope we do make contact in general, but at the same time I am very weary of what our nations would do. Some people even believe our emerging technology now has extended from reverse engineered technology from the Rosswell Crash.

  2. Excellent point. I entirely agree. It's logical to think there is some "universal code" for making contact with species on another planet. Premature contact could lead to catastrophe. You've outlined this very well.

    In a book by Col. Philip J. Corso (a top-level person in the military's Foreign Weapons Research and Development in the 1960's) he came forward saying a number of technologies have been back-engineered from the Roswell crash.

    He claims this back-engineered technology includes:

    - fiber optics
    - night vision
    - integrated circuit (the microchip)
    - kevlar body armor
    - laser

  3. I've heard a lot about Colonel Corso's claims. The difficulty in validating much of this lies in the ability of having access to this kind of information. For example, all of these projects referenced above would lie in an area "above top secret", where those with clearances who would have access to this information would be sworn to near unimaginable secrecy.

    Any leaks would be a breach of national security and have dire consequences. Furthemore, even folks with TS/SCI clearances or relatively unknown higher-level DoD or Intelligence clearances are only made available to tiny amounts of "need to know" information in the grand sphere of classified information.

    While Col Corso's contentions are fascinating, I believe the best efforts to examine the legitimacies of his claims are to go to the root cause; in other words, attempting to find the origin of how these technologies really started. I think what you will find is that many of these technologies started at extraordinarily high levels of classification in the U.S. government (surprise, surprise) and in many instances were engineered or developed by the DoD or other high-level government agencies.

    There are probably many who have knowledge about this but the fascinating questioning should start in determining how these technologies came about.

  4. Funny enough if you dig into the information about this sort of stuff you'll find many different things that kind of point to the whole reverse enginereed things. For instance supposedly there were elements and materials that were not from Earth in the Rosswell crash. There was even the Meta materials that bent light a certain way to reduce the "craft's" visibility and it was shaped in a way to avoid radar I believe as well. Heck theres even the people who have studied how these crafts would even work. Look them up on youtube, it's hard to believe that we made leaps and bounds in technology only in the past 100 years. Who knows maybe it is possible, it's just strange how far the human race has gotten in only a century.

  5. Just wanted to add this note: I found a short clip on uncontacted tribes. Very interesting parallels here.

  6. Excellent video John, if you recall the movie War of the Worlds the aliens died because of disease that we have grown immune to. Now think about the vice versa, any contact with alien race may lead us to contract some form of alien virus. This would be another reason as to why alien contact may be very minimum (if they exist and can visit us).

  7. UFO exists, there is no question about it, proof is all over the world and internet, open your eyes people.

    You can not escape from the truth just denying it.