Sunday, January 10, 2010

Big Oil, the Military Industrial Complex, and UFOs

[Note: I apologize for the long delay since my last post – I’ve been a bit busy lately. I’ll try to stay on top of it]

A major question in the whole UFO phenomena is this: Why is the existence of UFOs and intelligent ET life kept secret from the public? There are a number of possible explanations for this. For instance, perhaps the people at the top believe such information would create a mass hysteria. Another reason may be that the information could conflict with some religious beliefs.

But consider this: What if the primary reason the ET presence is kept secret is because of its potential to eliminate the oil-based economy that world politics and the balance of power is based on?

Assume for a moment that UFOs are indeed real (which I guarantee you will conclude if you free your mind from the stigma society has put on UFOs and spend more than a few passing moments looking into the topic) and this knowledge was made public. Following the public’s initial excitement/hysteria regarding ET life and other civilizations in the universe, wouldn’t the FIRST question asked be - how the hell do you power those UFOs if it isn’t with fossil fuels?

What if UFOs were powered by a source of energy that was free, non-polluting, and unlimited? What if this form of energy existed on earth - only our science hasn’t yet discovered how to harness it? Couldn’t a free, clean and unlimited supply of energy end poverty, reduce disease, save the environment, and allow world civilizations to flourish?

Now, imagine for a minute you are the person at the head of Big Oil. You have an incredible amount of power through political connections throughout the world. Would you not do everything possible to suppress this information from reaching the public? Maybe this is a cynical viewpoint – but I urge you to polish up on your world history. In particular, read “A People’s History of the United States” by Howard Zinn (available free, online, here: History is littered with a small number of people who have had an incredibly disproportionate amount of money, political influence and power. And they do everything possible to keep from losing that power. That is, until a majority of people realize what is truly going on.

You may be thinking - “… wouldn’t Big Oil want to get their hands on this clean and free energy so that they could package it and profit from it?” Well, if the system isn’t broke – why fix it? From Big Oil’s perspective, the system is working fine – it is highly profitable, and ensures their place at the top in the global power structure. Why risk all of their power with the development of a new energy source? What if it was so unlimited they couldn’t profit from it? If everyone had a free power source, wouldn’t the existing world powers have to make room at the table for all large nations? If energy was no longer the limiting factor of power and influence, wouldn’t the nation with the largest population rise to the top? Why would they want that?

What’s interesting is that there is substantial amount of evidence that new alternative energy technologies have been suppressed many times in the past. This includes hydroxy gas energy systems, thermal exchange motors, and pulsed motor generators. An example is Stanley Meyer’s development of a car that was powered by a water fuel cell. His work quickly attracted the Pentagon - but then his work became ridiculed by the media and a few in the scientific community. Stanley Meyer died suddenly in 1998 after dining at a restaurant. Since then, important pieces of his device have been missing.

Anyone interested in this should look into The Orion Project, a not-for-profit company headed by Dr. Steven Greer and Dr. Theodore Loder to identify plausible alternative energy technologies and assemble teams to develop these systems further ( I highly encourage everyone to visit their site to check up on the latest in their research – believe it or not, their work could have an enormous impact on the future landscape of energy.

Next, aside from Big Oil – what is the other major US industry whose livelihood is directly linked to world power and politics? The military industrial complex (MIC). War is very, VERY profitable to the MIC. When the Roswell event occurred in 1947, the US and Soviet Union were in the midst of a cold war. World power was still up for grabs and a crash of a UFO provided a unique opportunity to advance technology for military use.

If you haven’t already, please read Col. Philip Corso’s book, “The Day After Roswell”. In this book, he describes in detail how the military provided previously unknown UFO technology to different research institutions for back-engineering purposes. In exchange for a patent in the “new” technology, the research institutions had to develop the technology for military use. The technological advancements that Col. Corso claim came out of this program were night vision, kevlar, laser, fiber optics, and the microchip. But is it constitutional or lawful for technology to be developed solely for the military sector, while keeping everyone else in the dark about new developments that could eliminate poverty, hunger, disease, and environmental catastrophe?

There is substantial evidence the PRIMARY reason UFOs are kept a secret is for the benefits of Big Oil, and the Military Industrial Complex.

Many UFO researchers are convinced that President Eisenhower was the last US President to be fully briefed on the UFO phenomena. At some point during President Eisenhower’s term, the people at the top with UFO knowledge decided it was too risky to involve a person elected by the people. Listen to this extremely revealing clip of President Eisenhower discussing the potential threats of a Military Industrial Complex left unchecked in his farewell address to the nation:

The next US President, JFK, was, reportedly, extremely interested in the UFO phenomena. A number of memos he wrote to the CIA regarding the topic are available here: ( What did JFK find out? Was it more than he was supposed to? Listen to this segment of a speech he gave regarding corrupt organizations within the US government - was he trying to tell us something?

On November 22, 1963, JFK was assassinated. If anyone thinks there are no questions left unanswered about his assassination, I greatly urge you actually read about what happened. For starters, the Secret Service’s protection of him during the Dallas parade was laughable compared to the standards for such Presidential events. Not to mention assassination threats had increased in the time prior to this parade. Please watch this 3 minute clip of real footage showing the agent in charge calling off JFKs two most important body guards at the last minute before the parade. The second video discusses more of the Secret Service’s shortcomings that day.

I am not arguing that any one of these points proves the UFO phenomena is real – I just think it is important for people to think about this information in a historical context. It’s amazing how so many people do not question events that have taken place. For instance, what if the Secretary of Defense came forward and said the Military could not account for over two TRILLION dollars of spending during ONE fiscal year. Wouldn’t that be a big story? Wouldn’t people demand answers? Well watch this:

Does this not echo the messages given by President Eisenhower and President Kennedy? Where did this money go? What was it spent on? 2.3 TRILLION dollars? That’s nearly two and half economic stimulus plans in ONE YEAR! Why aren’t people demanding answers on this?

Don’t get me wrong – I am a proud US citizen. But evidence suggests that the dynamics identified by Howard Zinn in “A People’s History of the United States” still exist today. A small number of people have an enormously disproportionate amount of money, power and political influence. I think people should begin to consider whether the vast majority of US and world citizens are being kept in the dark about the UFO phenomena for the profits of an elite few.

I’ll end with the following analogy posted on David Wilcock’s webapage ( I encourage everyone to check out his thought-provoking material.

“The bully didn't want any of the kids in 'his' schoolyard to play with the other kids -- the ones who lived all throughout the neighborhood.

He guarded the gates. He liked being the Big Fish in a Small Pond. He told elaborate stories of how evil, treacherous and deceptive the other kids were.

He wanted everyone to respect him and pay him for protection, while fearing anyone and everyone else around them -- including him most of all.

If the kids found out they had all these other friends in the neighborhood who could have helped them, they might have quickly forgotten about the bully... and laughed at his once-fearsome authority.

Over the years, the bully grew weak and tired. He couldn't beat people up anymore, so he started paying his friends to do it.
Now he has run out of money to pay all his friends. They, too, became tired of all his lies and backstabbing games -- so as soon as his money ran out, they ditched him.

It took a while for all the kids on the schoolyard to realize the bully could not hurt them anymore. His power was so feared, so legendary, that the stories of his beatings continued to awe and inspire them for some time.

But there were cracks in the armor. A series of signs -- irrefutable and undeniable -- started happening that gradually made the kids realize the bully's power to hurt them had evaporated.

Now all the people he shamed, humiliated and attacked over the years are finally standing up -- and they're going to tell us the truth.

They're going to tell their story... of what it was like to live in fear of this bully for so many years, and never be able to share the secret truth of the horrors he was putting them through.

Once the bully is gone, the children can run and sing and dance and play happily -- quickly recovering from the nightmare of abuse they endured for so long. They won't have to hand over all their lunch money to him and his friends any more.

And they will soon find out they have a lot more friends than they ever could have imagined -- regardless of whatever horror stories the bully tried to tell them about how mean and evil all the other kids were.”


  1. I completely agree as far as the whole Big Oil and Military Industrial Complex. It's a little curious how fast we have advanced our technology in the last hundred years. I mean it's possible that we achieved this by ourselves but honestly I feel like there was some kind of influence to it. And your completely right about the oil company and nations, who would want to give up all the money and power if UFO's existed and gave us some new form of energy.

    I have read that there are devices that can be used to create near unlimited forms of energy. One new upcoming energy form would be plasma, a professor named Chernetsky created a paper in the 70's saying that a new type of high-frequency plasma generator could produce 5 times the amount of energy that it consumed. Any new form of energy with a high output and a low input to get it started would result in the Oil companies being obsolete.

    I defintely think that if the government is keeping UFO secrets from everyone is to insure that the involvment of their technology doesn't mess with the system of power the world has.

  2. I just read something interesting recently that lends to the whole if people are going to lose money then they will do everything in their power to stop it idea. Your idea says that if extraterrestrials were able to give us some form of new energy then the big companies would try to stop it.

    Now if your know your history you would know about Nikola Tesla, whom tried to create the first wireless transatlantic signal against his competitor. J.P Morgan was a silent partner in it, and apparently he found out that Tesla had secret to his invention, I don't exactly remember the name of the project but it was something Wynderclyff or something to that effect in Long Island, NY.

    His secret was that this device would also be able to power people across the globe (not sure how far the range was), for free. J.P Morgan found out about this and blackballed Nikola leading him to become blacklisted by hundreds of other companies. The reason for this is that companies wanted to be able to regulate and price energy (electricity), and when they found out Tesla was about to power people for free, then they stopped him.

  3. The sad thing I want to point out, which actually has something to do with what kind of Civilization we are on a Universal scale, is that the oil based companies are slowing down/if not halting human progress. Think about this since we are considered a Type 0 Civilization, since we rely on fossil fuels and oil, and there has been not much of a push forward to other types of energy... when are we going to become a Type 1 Civilization (One that harnesses the power of the planet, aka Solar, water, weather, etc.)

    This makes me upset that the human progress as a whole is stuck on the whims of Big Oil Company. People are so scared about losing their jobs and money, that it stops a LARGE amount of progress. We as a race, can benefit from getting rid of obselete and diminishing sources of energy... Will everyone finally learn to accept other forms once we dry up these resources? I hope we don't have to wait that long or else we'd be at a severe Energy Crisis because if we keep downplaying alternate sources it will lead to bad things.

    One main thing that could happen is that we might not be able to finance a large enough revamp of our energy systems, once we dry up our old resources. I really hope people get it through their thick heads that fossil fuels don't last forever...

  4. Btw did you hear about the new "sighting" in Brooklyn, NY? There some videos from williamsburg showing what looks like a plane's headlight but it was too low

    Look it up on youtube I can't post links to youtube on here for some reason