Friday, January 22, 2010

Black Box Voting

Each day, billions of transactions of various quantities are made between consumers, retailers, banks and credit unions. All of these transactions are easily traceable with receipts and online records.

Why in the world do the citizens of the United States not get a receipt when they place their vote in an election? Instead of being forced to put their trust in a black box voting machine, couldn't we receive a receipt that has an arbitrary number on it? Using this arbitrary number, the voter could log on to a Federal webpage, type in the number, and CONFIRM that the vote they placed in the system is accurate.

Do you honestly believe we cannot keep track of a few million votes?

Why in the world should the heart of the United States democracy - the votes of its people - be placed entirely in the hands of private corporations? Why is it against federal law for anyone to look at the internal code of these machines? Why are the voting machines provided by Diebold still being purchased in New England states when the company has been sued for fraud in California?

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